Working towards a sustainable solution for every application

As a leading distributor of film for flexible packaging solutions, Plasfilms are working in tandem with our manufacturing partners to supply film products that provide a sustainable solution while still being fit-for-purpose.

Did you know...

Plastics have a strong environmental profile. All polymers are lightweight, durable, low carbon and recyclable. And they are not a major drain on our natural resources. Only 4% of global oil production is used for plastics and it is estimated that packaging accounts for only 1.5% of oil and gas use*. (*Source:BPF).

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Flexible packaging is more sustainable than people realise.

It consumes less energy and fewer natural resources than many other forms of packaging; it generates less CO2 emissions; it has a higher product-to-package ratio; and requires fewer lorries for transportation, thereby using less fuel and creating fewer emissions.


From a convenience perspective, flexible packaging makes life simpler. It is easy to store, easy to reseal, easy to open, extends product life and is easy to carry. Single-serve flexible packaging makes it easy to snack on-the-go and control portion size.

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