Heat Shrink & Label Film

Label Films

Plasfilms offer an extensive range of high-performance label films for packaging solutions.


We can provide the following label films:

>  In-Mold Labels IML)

>  Wrap around labels (WAL)

>  Pressure sensitive labels (PSL)

>  Shrink Sleeve label Films

>  Speciality Films

>  Sustainable Solutions

In-Mold Labels (IML) involves the process of fusing pre-printed labels within the product during injecting moulding, resulting in a seamless and visually appealing finish. IML is commonly used in packaging, containers, and various plastic products.

Properties include – 

>  High resistance to wear and tear

>  Ability to customise for branding

>  High quality graphics

Wrap around roll fed label films (WAL) are designed to wrap around bottles or containers to enhance the visual appeal of products. WAL are used in various markets such as food and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Properties include – 

>  Suitable for all common gluing systems

>  Available in clear, matte, white and metallised.

>  Suitable for Recycling

Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL), otherwise known as self-adhesive labels, have specific properties allowing them to be well suited for a wide range of applications. PSL can be applied easily to most surfaces with light pressure.

Properties include – 

>  Available in various finishes

>  White opaque, pearlized, metallic and clear

>  Durable

>  Ease of application

>  Sustainable options available

Speciality Label Films offers an aesthetic characteristic to the design, in tactile features and finishes. We can offer a Soft Touch Films, soft touch texture or Sandy Films for a more matte and grit like surface.

Properties include – 

>  Engaging for consumers

>  Aesthetically pleasing

>  Available in different thicknesses

>  Compatible with Gravure, Flexo, UV and digital print technologies.

Shrink Sleeve Label Films offer a versatile and eye-catching packaging solution. Please see below to learn more.

Properties include – 

>  Full coverage design

>  High shrinkage

>  High durability

>  Versatility for various container shapes

Heat Shrink Label Film

Plasfilms offer quality heat shrink films for label and packing applications. The main requirement of shrink film is controlled and consistent shrinkage, mechanical properties, clarity, and stability at a wide range of temperatures.

HSF applications include:

>  Food and dairy products

>  Beverages and drinks bottles

>  Medications 

>  Cosmetics 

>  Household goods

The main substrates we offer are OPS (Oriented Polystyrene) and PETG.

OPS Properties

✔️  Good Shrink Capabilities of around 70% with minimal MD shrinkage

✔️  Suitable for printing by flexographic, rotogravure and UV curing

✔️  Suitable for recycling

PETG Properties

✔️   PETG has the highest shrink capability of 78-80%

✔️   Capable of encapsulating complex shapes

✔️   Highest levels of clarity

✔️   Strong mechanical properties that make it suitable for downgauging.

✔️   Suitable for printing by flexographic, rotogravure and UV curing

✔️   Suitable for recycling

Samples can be provided upon request via our enquiry form.

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