SANZIP Reclosable Zippers

Plasfilms are the sole UK distributor for SANZIP re-closable zippers, manufactured by our sister company C.I Kasei (CIK). Our portfolio consists of an extensive range of over 100 specifications and bespoke products, so please do contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Plasfilms are the exclusive UK distributor for SANZIP Re-closeable Zipper, manufactured in Japan by our sister company C.I. Takiron.


Over 100 different specifications can be offered to meet your specific needs with our extensive range. We can offer solutions to a range of market needs including:

Cheese & Dairy Produce

Meat Produce


Dried Food Produce

Household Goods

Deep Freeze Applications

Pet Foods

A multiplicity of zippers is available, properties including:

Suitable for sealing to PE, PP and multi-seal

Easy peel, standard and strong opening force

Sensory seal

Heat resistant

Eco Friendly

Easy Seals

String Zippers

Powder Proof Zippers

Single, double, and triple, and asymmetrical seals

Low temperature sealing

Widths from 3mm string zipper to 30mm

Do you have further specific requirements? We collaborate with Sanzip to produce a product to suit most development needs.

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Explore our Standard, Sensory and Biozipper Ranges

Samples can be provided upon request via our enquiry form.

Our SANZIP standard zippers offers a range of PP and PE zippers between 7mm – 15mm.


Properties Include:

Narrow zippers ideal for smaller pouches

Strong holding forces from the inside

Strong holding force both on the open/close and inside

Our SANZIP sensory offers a range of PP and PE zippers between 7mm – 21mm. This range enhances the customer experience, with its audible characteristics and tactile sensation.


Available in single, double, and triple seal.

Our SANZIP Bio-Zipper offers an eco-friendly solution manufactured from biodegradable materials, available from 10mm – 13mm.

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